Maine Village for Sale for $ 5.5 Million – NECN



Tired of nosy neighbors? Homeowners Association hassle? This recent property listing could be the answer to your neighborhood’s woes.

For $ 5.5 million, you can own an entire 50-acre village in Gardiner, Maine. There are nine apartments in the 35,388 square foot property, including four single-family homes, one two-family home and three apartments. listing

This adds up to 19 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms, as well as a garage for 16 cars.

According to the list, there are also two heated garages, several barns, and even a church.

Another view of the village, which is now for sale. (Handout)

The complex was built by a man who transported buildings, some of them historical, to Gardiner mainly about 40 years ago.

Green Mountain College announced its closure in January 2019. The defunct liberal arts college and its 155 acres will be auctioned on Aug. 18 at 1:00 pm, according to a Maltz Auctions press release.


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