Maine to study student loan debt burden on state college students and graduates


Maine is looking at the burden of student loan debt on students and college graduates in the state.

Democrat Gov. Janet Mills signed a bill that will reinstate the College Accessibility and College Completion Commission, which previously met in 2014.

The commission will look at how much debt miners owe to various colleges and universities in the state, and look at both graduates and those who have not earned degrees. They will also look at the potential impact of free community college programs.

Maine has the sixth highest average student debt in the country – Miners borrows more than $ 33,000 on average. The total amount of American student debt rose to $ 1.7 trillion in 2021.

Democratic Senator Mattie Daughtry of Brunswick has proposed the bill and believes the new law is a step in the right direction.

“More and more well-paid professions require education and training outside of high school. As more Maine residents seek to invest in their careers, we need to make sure we understand how the cost of education and the burden of student loans that come with it are affecting Maine workers and our economy, ”said Senator Dotry in the press release.

The Commission will need to report its findings to the Maine Legislature by January 2022.

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