Lux Real Estate Marketer Faces Social Media Influencer



A Southampton-based luxury real estate marketing firm has severed ties with social media influencer Daniela Salvi due to her “bad behavior.”

Danielle Salvi
Ryan Clarke said that in one photo, Salvi is “picking up a dress in a $ 20 million townhouse we filmed so she can post it on her personal website.”

On the Inside Media Group Inc. terminated a contract with Salvi’s firm, D&Y Brand of Yonkers, after photos of Salvi, which On the Inside considered offensive, surfaced.

On July 15, in the Westchester Supreme Court, D&Y Brand, controlled by Salvi and Yamile Ramirez, sued Inside Media Group for $ 35,000 for non-payment of the video.

“On the Inside is ready to meet her face-to-face,” firm spokesman Ryan Clarke replied in a letter. “There is more to this story than Danielle and her team are telling. We are not intimidated or intimidated. We look forward to the opportunity to expose Ms. Salvi and spend our day in court. “

According to the D&Y Brand complaint, Salvi is an actress, model, and social media influencer with 1.1 million Instagram followers.

Founded in 2015 by real estate broker Jonathan Davis, On the Inside Media Group often uses video to promote the luxury real estate market, according to its website, “opening the doors to some of the most prestigious addresses around the world.”

In February, the firms struck a deal in which D&Y will create a video with Salvi as the lead model. D&Y will shoot two videos a month, the lawsuit says, and receive $ 5,000 each, even if the videos are not required or used.

According to the lawsuit, Salvi traveled to a designated filming location in May, but none of On the Inside Media Group showed up.

Then on June 3, On the Inside was notified of the termination of the contract 30 days in advance.

D&Y claims On the Inside owed $ 35,000 for six unwanted videos and an additional video that was filmed within a month.

Yonkers also accused On the Inside of defamation for posting on Salvi’s Instagram page that her contract was terminated due to “your bad behavior.”

“This statement is not true,” the complaint says. There were never any questions about Salvi’s behavior.

The Instagram post also asked why Salvi was posting photos from a client’s home without permission, and demanded that she remove them.

Clarke said that in one photo, Salvi is “picking up a dress in a $ 20 million townhouse we filmed so she can post it on her personal website.”

“From the first day,” he said, “Salvi prevented us from ordering filming for our series on the LUX property she was hired to host.”

Referring to other photos posted by Salvi, he said he was “confused by the way she advertises and behaves online.”

“We wish her all the best,” Clarke said, “but we don’t tolerate working with anyone who behaves this way.”


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