Lucas Torreira Fiorentina Loan News



Arsenal reportedly lend to Lucas Torreira Fiorentina this season, for football. London… The Uruguayan midfielder is expected to fly to Italy on Tuesday to end his loan. It’s unclear if there is a commitment or just a purchase opportunity at the end of the loan term – I’ve seen both reported reported. Torreira has trained on his own at Colney, London since his scheduled return to the club last week.

Torreira spent last season on loan from Atletico Madridwhich was ambiguous. He played 26 matches in all competitions but was unable to secure a stable spot on the team. In November, he tested positive for COVID-19 and missed time. In Madrid, it was not quite so, at least when viewed from the outside.

Torreira was an instant hit for me and many Arsenal fans when he came to the club in 2018 from Sampdoria. He brought to the center of the park the bite and tenacity that the club needed so much. This massive goal against Tottenham felt like the first step towards the status of a cult hero in the club. But he began to lose popularity even before Unai Emery was fired and Mikel Arteta buried him at depth.

Torreira says the bench for him took a toll on him. Like many footballers, his personality and some of his self-esteem are tied to football and his playing on the pitch. When they took him away, he fought. Fortunately, he began to sound like a sports psychologist in Spain who, he says, “helped him” in this fight.

But most of all, he was affected by the loss of his mother due to COVID-19 in the field.

When what happened to my mom happened, I wanted to stop playing football. I wanted to stay in Fray Bentos with my family. I had very little desire to return to Spain, because I had to stay there alone. Fortunately, one of my brothers left with me, but I wanted to be here with my father because he was the one who suffered the most and the one who suffered the most from this whole situation. He was always with my mother, they went everywhere together, and today to see him alone is a very heavy blow that is difficult for us to absorb. And we try to be with him, help him, accompany him, and also hold him so that he does not fall. Because now we have to continue for us, for him, and because the most important reason to keep living will always be our mother.

I can’t imagine the impact on someone losing a parent in their mid-20s (or at any other point in their life). Add to that the prospect of being overseas from your friends and family and the isolation of life during COVID-19 quarantine / quarantine. I am impressed with Torreira’s strength and his ability not to break completely. I’m not sure if I can do the same under similar circumstances.

I hope the Italian loan will work out for Lucas. It is fun to watch and I will be delighted to see it humming across the field, getting stuck against Serie A opponents. Note: Serie A is wild and you should definitely watch it this season.

It didn’t work for Torreira at Arsenal for a variety of reasons, and that’s okay. Sometimes it doesn’t work (translations). He deserves nothing but good things after getting a heavy hand. Maybe Arsenal can get a decent fee for the option / commitment to buy next summer. And if they can’t, it’s like one of those situations where you let it slide because some things are more important than football clubs and money.


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