Lower average mortgage rates in the United States; 30 years from 2.98% | Business news



WASHINGTON (AP) – Mortgage rates fell this week, with a 30-year key loan falling below 3% again as the economic recovery from the pandemic recession remains robust.

Mortgage buyer Freddie Mac said Thursday that the average for a 30-year home loan fell to 2.98% from 3.02% last week. For comparison, a year ago the rate was 3.07%.

The rate on the 15-year mortgage, a popular mortgage refinancing option among homeowners, fell to 2.26% from 2.34% last week. Mortgage rates are expected to rise gradually in the second half of the year, which began on Thursday.

The government said the number of Americans applying for unemployment benefits fell again last week to its lowest level since the pandemic last year, further evidence that the labor market and the economy as a whole are rapidly recovering from the coronavirus recession. … The number of applications for unemployment benefits fell by 51,000 to 364,000.

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