Looking for a greener way to invest in real estate?


Rising real estate prices and the popularity of environmental, social and governance (ESG) investments create a powerful combination with Invesco MSCI Green Building ETF (GBLD)

GLBD represents a unique investment opportunity as the global movement towards energy efficiency is gradually infiltrating the real estate industry. Thus, there is room for growth for large- and mid-cap companies to incorporate green ideas into their business models, or for promising small-cap companies developing new technologies.

The fund seeks to track the investment performance of the MSCI Global Green Building Index. The index consists of securities that are also components of the MSCI ACWI Investable Market Index, a stock index of over 8,700 securities of large, mid-cap and small-cap companies located in both developed and emerging markets around the world. … …

“ETF Invesco MSCI Green Building tracks an index of green building companies such as design, construction, renovation, refurbishment or acquisition of properties that have been certified to meet certain building standards for energy efficiency and resource sustainability,” explained the analysis of the database. ETF.

As mentioned, opportunities exist in companies with different market capitalizations.

“The fund invests in small, medium and large-cap companies from all over the world,” the analysis says. “Those who receive 50% or more of their income from green building are included in the index. The index excludes companies that have faced serious environmental, social and governance disputes over the past three years, as well as companies dealing with controversial weapons. ”

Invesco’s commitment to ESG

GBLD is just one of many ETFs that are highlighting Invesco’s focus on ESG. Investors can also take advantage of these opportunities by targeting specific niches in the ESG market, targeting areas such as solar, water or, in the case of GLBD, green buildings, to name just a few.

“ESGs are very important to us and we have been at the forefront of clean energy for a long time, launching the first clean energy ETF, tracking the first clean energy index in 2005. We continue to innovate today, including our recently launched Invesco MSCI Green Building ETF (ticker: GBLD)investing in companies that build the green buildings needed to decarbonize our planet, ” Invesco website explained. “Our full suite of ESG ETFs consists of ten unique strategies, and seven of them have at least five years of track record – the highest in the industry.”

GBLD 1 year of work

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