Long Island man who dodged a mortgage for 20 years gets another reprieve


The Long Island Man Who haven’t paid a mortgage for over two decades received another delay in his trial after a witness who was supposed to testify against him contracted COVID-19.

Guramrit Hanspal, 52, made one mortgage payment in 1998 but has done nothing since then and has filed several bankruptcy and lawsuits to prevent evictions.

The house was foreclosed years ago and is now owned by Diamond Ridge Partners, which wants to buy out Hanspal.

The case was adjourned earlier this month when a new lawyer was hired work on the case on behalf of Hanspal and other residents of the house.

Hanspal did not appear at the Nassau County Housing Court for Thursday’s hearing, during which the Diamond Ridge witness was due to speak.

Hanspal's home on East Meadow Long Island.
Hanspal’s home on East Meadow Long Island.
Edmund J. Coppa
Guramrit Hanspal has not made mortgage payments since 1998.
Guramrit Hanspal has not made mortgage payments since 1998.
Bridget Stelzer

But a Diamond Ridge employee was diagnosed with the coronavirus on the same day and was quarantined instead, said Diamond Ridge attorney Jordan Katz, who also disputes Hanspal’s efforts to use pandemic defenses to stay indoors.

Hanspal’s lawyer, William Friedman, did not object to the additional delay, telling Judge William Hohauser, “I’m not going to object.”

Hanspal could not be reached for comment.

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