Long Island man charged with mortgage fraud in New York



After investigating the sale of two brownstone homes in New York for $ 20 in 2012, State attorney general announced the indictment to Joseph Mahani on seven counts of the criminal case.

The charges include home mortgage fraud, possession of stolen property, falsification of business documents, and a fraudulent scheme between November 2012 and June 2021. The two buildings, located in the Harlem area of ​​Manhattan, are currently valued at a combined cost of $ 4.2 million.

“Theft continues to be a crime that permeates our neighborhoods and haunts the most vulnerable, leading to a cycle of displacement and grief,” New York Attorney General Laetitia James said in a press release. “New Yorkers should never be afraid of predators in their homes.”

The prosecution alleges that Mahani stole the first property on West 118th Street from his elderly, disabled, owner using forged documents and falsified documents from his limited liability corporation. They say that the defendant claimed to have purchased the property for $ 975,000 with a $ 650,000 building credit line, and that he secured a $ 1.2 million mortgage, renovated apartments and collected $ 12,000 in monthly rent. , according to the materials of the court. The property is currently valued at approximately $ 2.29 million.

The Attorney General’s Office also accuses Mahani of illegally owning a second property on West 131st Street. He allegedly introduced himself to the tenant as the owner of the building, obtained the tenant’s signature and later falsified it on a forged document. Mahani is accused of using a number of false documents, bogus companies and fake social security numbers during the trial.

“When indicting Mr. Mahani, my client declared in a loud and clear voice so everyone could hear that he was ‘not guilty,’” the defendant’s lawyer Leslie Nisin said in a statement to NMN. “My client is looking forward to his day in court, when the facts of this case will be heard and he will be acquitted. Until that time, the presumption of innocence sounds loud and clear. “

Mahani still owns the building on West 118th Street, but lost West 131st Street in 2018 due to non-payment of tax liens.


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