Local Real Estate Agency Awards $ 2,000 to Trash Hunt Winners “Sold in Our Community”



To celebrate the greatness of the residents of Cheyenne and Laramie County, RE / MAX Capitol Properties organized a “SOLD IN OUR COMMUNITY” scavenger hunt.

If you drive through the city, you will see various billboards depicting the locals who influenced our community in the past year and were heroes during this pandemic. RE / MAX Capitol Properties, from emergency responders and military personnel to teachers and recent alumni, wanted to thank everyone for making the Cheyenne area a wonderful place to call home. Community members were asked via social media to find billboards and send selfies for a chance to win cash prizes. During the weeks of the draw, a total of $ 2,000 was awarded to various winners. Dr. Jacques Beveridge of the Cheyenne Women’s Clinic has been featured on billboards for his great work and has become one of the lucky winners. He kindly donated his winnings to the nonprofit Girls on the Run.

“Cheyenne is a great place to work, live and raise a family. The fact that our SOLD OUT COMMUNITY winners have donated their funds to local businesses and nonprofits is a special and great reminder that we have the best citizens here! “Shared Stephanie Prescott, owner of RE / MAX Capitol Properties.

Stephanie is a Wyoming native and her family has long roots in the state. She enjoys raising three children here because it is a safe place to call home. According to her husband, Steve Prescott, co-owner of RE / MAX Capitol Properties, this attribute is desirable for those looking to relocate to the Greater Cheyenne area.

“The last year and a half have been challenging for the community members. We have seen this with our own eyes in this rapidly developing real estate market. That’s why we wanted to honor those who live and work here with SOLD OUT TO OUR COMMUNITY billboards and social media scavenger hunts. commented Steve Prescott, managing broker / owner of RE / MAX Capitol Properties.

Due to the lack of housing, it is now a sellers’ market. Demand is higher than supply. With the current price rises and shortages of basic building materials such as lumber, construction has its own challenges. Thus, the likelihood that this market trend will stabilize soon is nominal.

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