Loan fees: private schools are linked to moneylenders, says Education Minister Suresh Kumar




Do private schools tie moneylenders to the loan amount?

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“Unholy ties between school administrators and moneylenders in several places rob unfortunate parents in the name of tuition fees,” lamented Primary and Secondary Education Minister Suresh Kumar.

“Several heads of private schools have engaged moneylenders to provide loans to parents so that they can pay for their tuition. It is a pity that some schools have gone into this business. I have received several complaints about this. This is really a disturbing development,” the minister told reporters here.

“This regrettable event angered the Chief Minister B.S. Ediurappa. The Chief Minister said that notifications would be sent to such lost schools, ”Suresh Kumar said.

Answering a question about the deadlock between the management of private schools and parents over tuition fees, the minister said: “On the one hand, many parents are facing a financial crisis, on the other hand, it is difficult for private schools to pay for their tuition. and non-teaching staff. It is necessary to balance both of these issues. Several private schools have gone to court over the 70 percent pay limit set by the government last year. This year the situation has not changed. The school administration and parents should talk and resolve the issue, ”the minister suggested.

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