Life imprisonment for men convicted of murdering a real estate agent


Monique Baugh (Source: Facebook)

Monique Baugh (Source: Facebook)

Two men were sentenced to life in prison for their part in the murder of Minneapolis real estate agent Monique Baugh.

Berry Alexander Davis, 42, and Cedric Lamont Berry, 42, were convicted last month of first-degree murder in connection with the death of 28-year-old Baugh. On December 31, the agent was lured into a fake house in Maple Grove, Minnesota. 2019, and it was kidnapped and shot, according to the prosecutor’s office.

The two men were also found guilty of second-degree murder and kidnapping, as investigators say Berry shot and wounded Baugh’s boyfriend, MPR News reported.

They were sentenced to 13 years in prison for kidnapping and 20 years for attempted murder, respectively. Their life imprisonment without parole will begin after serving their other sentences. The victim’s mother pleaded with the judge for the longest possible sentence.

Lyndon Wiggins, 36, was also charged with first degree murder and kidnapping. According to prosecutors, Wiggins allegedly had a falling out with Baugh’s boyfriend.

Elsa Segura, 29, a former Hennepin County probation officer, was accused of using a telephone with a recorder to set up a fake screening. In addition, Shanta Sheris Davis was charged with complicity in a crime.

Baugh’s shocking murder rocked the real estate industry, prompting companies to rethink their security practices and respond to the rare but frightening violent incidents in the brokerage world.

[MPR News] – Holden Walter-Warner

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