Liberty Reverse Mortgage Becomes Full Service Reverse Lender Following RMS Acquisition



Last week, Ocwen Financial Services, the parent company of Liberty Reverse Mortgage, announced the acquisition of Reverse Mortgage Solutions… In the recent interview with Reverse Mortgage DailyMike Kent, President of Liberty, shared how the acquisition will affect the company and where it is currently positioned in the reverse mortgage industry.

“In the short term, the deal will have little impact on Liberty’s operations,” Kent said in an interview with RMD. “This makes us the only reverse mortgage company to create, securitize and directly service reverse mortgages. In the longer term, this deal can provide our customers and partners with a holistic, continuous, superior customer experience. ”

He adds that owning a reverse mortgage service platform gives the company an edge when it comes to supporting reverse borrowers and partners.

“Aligning our initial business with our reverse service business will improve retirement outcomes for our borrowers,” Kent said.

“The ability to manage the borrower experience from creation to service will set a new standard for service in our industry,” says Kent. “Aligning our lending business with a return service business will improve retirement outcomes for our borrowers, regardless of channel of origin.”

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