LI mortgage evader for decades postponed eviction due to COVID-19



A Long Island man who has evaded paying a mortgage on his home in Nassau County for over two decades received another execution stay at an eviction hearing after a witness testifying against him reportedly contracted COVID-19.

Guramrit Hanspal, 52, who made just one mortgage payment on his East Meadow home – back in 1998 – has worked his way through the legal system for over 20 years using a range of tactics to prevent evictions.

According to New york postSince the single payment was made 23 years ago, Hanspal has filed several bankruptcy and lawsuits in an attempt to get him out of the house.

The home, which was foreclosed many years ago and is now owned by a group of realtors, Diamond Ridge Partners, has been the subject of controversy as they seek to expel it from the residence.

However, the trial was adjourned this month when a Diamond Ridge witness was reportedly due to appear in court as a witness, but was diagnosed with COVID-19 on the day he was assigned to testify.

In a Post report, Diamond Ridge’s attorney said Hanspal is using pandemic defenses to stay at home, while Hanspal’s attorney did not object to the latest delay, saying he was “not going to object.”

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