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Have there ever been so many stock market gurus talking about “impending crash”? One thing that seems to be most overlooked is that assets are valued relative to each other, not relative to history.

Some understand the relationship between stocks and bonds, but few understand the relationship between real estate and bonds.

Think of a home as a security deposit where the interest rate is the rent.

If interest rates on long-term bonds go down, house prices go up.

Wall Street is buying single-family homes for rent like never before because they are undervalued.

Even the stock market is undervalued relative to long-term bonds.

Both of these factors have put the Federal Reserve in a corner, especially the rise in house prices. Something has to do with long-term government bonds.

Working on Wall Street, I’m not a stock market fan.

I don’t really like being played day in and day out, but I believe that days when there is “no alternative to the stock market” will lead to some really bad things for our culture and our standard of living.

Already, you can see how mid-rise apartments are being erected everywhere in preparation for the Chinese empire.

I expect that the termination of the mortgage and the delay of the lease will cool down a bit for a while, but the main factors will remain in place.


Serotin Court

Mount pleasant

Life outside of Earth

I loved Dr. Edward M. Gilbreth’s recent column on UFOs.

I am also constantly interested in the possibility of the existence of intelligent life in the Universe, although I do not really believe and do not accept UFOs.

Based on recent research, the most likely way to find extraterrestrial life is to study our newly discovered planets outside the solar system and find their biosignatures. This method is currently in use and may prove successful in the future.

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The article also recalled the Fermi paradox, which describes the apparent contradiction between the high probability of the existence of extraterrestrial life and the lack of evidence for this. He offers many solutions as to why we haven’t found intelligent life elsewhere.

In addition, there is the Drake equation, which is a speculative scientific formula with many unreasonable variables that estimate the likelihood of intelligent life in our galaxy.

It would be an oversight if I didn’t mention the SETI Institute, which is looking for intelligent life in the universe.

The institute is currently developing the largest radio telescope on Earth to search for other civilizations emitting radio waves.

The fact remains that many different scientists are looking for life somewhere in the universe. Given the incredible number of galaxies, stars and habitable planets, the chances of finding any form of life anywhere in the universe are very high.

When I think of space, I am constantly reminded of a quote from Carl Sagan, an American planetary astronomer and pioneer in the search for extraterrestrial biology, from his book The Pale Blue Dot.

“Why should we think that the universe was created only for us? Is our self-esteem so precarious that nothing but a custom-made universe for us will do? “


Grove lane

Daniel Island

Reject revisionist history

Regardless of former President Donald Trump’s revisionist fantasies, his supporters who broke through security barriers, invaded the US Capitol, brutally attacked the Capitol and Washington police officers, and called for the execution of Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were neither kind nor innocent people, peaceful protesters or patriots.

Patriots don’t use American flags to beat up cops. These actions were worse than the burning of the American flag.

American patriots do not ignore the rule of law or try to prevent a peaceful transfer of power.

On the contrary, American patriots proudly accept and support the will of the people, as evidenced by the confirmed election results. It was a brutal and unpatriotic uprising, no matter how many times the former president lied about it.

For his subversive behavior, all Americans should stay away from Trump and safely exile him to his failed golf course in Turnberry, Scotland.


Governor’s passage

Kiawa Island

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