Letters: How to Solve the Problem of Student Loan Arrears and College Accessibility



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So far I have found articles from April 26th and May 3rd College Accessibility, Loan Forgiveness, and the Path to the Future informative, it tried to cover two separate issues that are extremely complex. In my opinion, this requires at least two different articles, if not more.

Future legislation to tackle the rising cost of college tuition will do nothing to ease the current debt burden of Richelle Brooks and millions of others like her. And, as the author noted, “Debt relief will do nothing to stop the rise in college tuition fees or reduce the reliance of prospective students on loans.” Each of these issues deserves attention; combining two into one article unifies the two, as if we could “kill two birds with one stone.”

It would be helpful to have a graph comparing the average Pell grant to the state’s total tuition fees in the 1980s or 1990s, and a similar comparison to current expenditures. I would also be interested to know what percentage of those with huge student debt have fallen prey to the predatory loan system.


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