Legendary Houston Real Estate Firm Celebrates Anniversary and Billions of Sales – Greenwood King Shows Its Independent Power



Wchicken Julie Greenwood and Linda King started their eponymous real estate firm 38 years ago, they couldn’t imagine the advances, technological advances and periodic trials (think COVID) that have impacted residential real estate for nearly four decades as they served Houston consumers in Greenwood. King. And could they imagine the growth of their firm?

Duo topped King of Greenwood Celebrating the 38th anniversary at Tiny Boxwoods with 150 agents and 250 employees of the firm. It was more than a jubilee celebration.

“It’s so nice to be together after almost 18 months,” King said. “Also in celebration of our 38th anniversary, we are honored to have the best agents and employees.”

There was a lot for Greenwood King to celebrate. With three offices in Houston, it continues to be the leader in the luxury goods market with annual sales of over $ 1.5 billion. It is also one of the few private firms in the city. And, yes, the ladies are still actively heading the boutique agency.

On holiday, Tiny boxwoods filled serving bowls with local cheeses and sausages, smoked salmon in baguettes, mini ham and cheese sandwiches, chunks of goat cheese and prosciutto ham wrapped in figs. For piece of resistanceWorld-renowned Tiny Boxwoods chocolate chip cookies have thrown all calorie problems down the drain.

Seen on PC: Mary Hall McLean, Katie Bloom, Meg Greenwood, Sharon Ballas, Buck Ballas, Elaine Ellender, Menlinda Noel, Roland Bodden, Nancy Younger Crook, Kenneth Simons, Katie Cagle, Reni Eads, Alex Ramos, Suzanne Whit and Colleen Sherlock.


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