Ledn Digital Asset Saving and Loan Platform Raises $ 30M Series A



TORONTO–() –Ledn inc… (“Ledn”), a global digital asset platform offering innovative savings and lending products for bitcoin and other digital assets, is pleased to announce the completion of a $ 30M Series A funding round led by Kingsway Capital, featuring new investors including Alan Howard, Heshed, Susquehanna Private Equity Investments LLLP, ParaFi Capital, Alexis Ohanian and John Pfeffer. All of the investors from the previous Ledn round, including White Star Capital Digital Asset Fund, Coinbase Ventures, Global Founders Capital, and CMT Digital, were also involved in supporting Ledn’s growth.

Ledn has increased its holdings on its platform by over 320% since the last round, just six months ago. The proceeds from the round will be used to grow Ledn’s team and global presence, and to further improve Ledn’s technology and product offerings. In addition, Ledn investors bring their regional expertise to enable Ledn to fulfill its mission of unlocking the power of Bitcoin and other digital assets to create wealth through innovative financial products.

“We’re building a world-class company to help people around the world unleash the power of the fastest growing asset class to create generations of wealth,” said Adam Reeds, co-founder and CEO of Ledn. “With this new capital injection, we will expand our success in the Americas and increase our global presence, prioritizing emerging markets. Our goal is to create simple and secure solutions that enable customers to participate in the growing digital asset economy in a way that meets their individual needs and our own stringent security and reliability standards. ”

“We prioritize the needs of the people we serve by investing in solutions like proving reserves to protect them and ensuring that all our lending activities are covered by real assets,” said Mauricio Di Bartolomeo, co-founder and CSO. … “Growing up in Venezuela, I have seen firsthand how an unregulated system with little or no transparency can affect its employees, which is why it is such a key component of how we manage funds that our clients trust us.”

Ledn also recently launched Ledn Trade, a service that allows customers to exchange between USDC and Bitcoin, especially for customers in emerging markets who want to move quickly between two digital assets. The relevance of Ledn’s products to the market today is indicative of the growing global demand for this kind of innovative digital asset solutions.

“After nearly a decade investing in emerging and frontier markets, we have experienced first-hand the power of disruptive technology, first introduced to billions of consumers on the Internet,” says Manuel Stotz, founder of Kingsway Capital. “The advent of digital assets, whether through bitcoins or USD stablecoins, is perhaps the greatest opportunity for financial inclusion, as well as an opportunity for a more decentralized and therefore fairer global Internet. We are proud to support Ledn’s talented team in making this vision a reality, and we are honored to be co-investing with such a list of world-class global investors. ”

About Ledn

Ledn provides financial products with a mission to help clients around the world unleash the potential of digital assets to create long-term wealth. With operations in over 100 countries, Ledn offers interest-bearing savings accounts and bitcoin-backed loans, allowing customers to access dollars or additional bitcoins without having to sell any of their assets.

Ledn has active clients in 105 countries and has over $ 1 billion in assets on the platform. Since early 2021, Ledn has tripled its team, increasing its overall loan portfolio by over 800% and savings products by 280%. Ledn remains the industry leader when it comes to transparency and accountability standards, being the first lending platform in the world to be formally certified by Armanino LLP, a leading accounting and consulting firm and a recognized global leader in digital assets. Warranty solutions. For more information visit ledn.io

About Kingsway Capital

Kingsway Capital is a London based investment firm whose limited partnerships include leading US funds and funds with a long term investment horizon spanning years and decades. Kingsway has a successful history of supporting promising companies at the intersection of emerging markets and disruptive technologies such as mobile Internet and digital assets.


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