Launch of the new consortium, Alliance for Sustainable and Practical Indoor Air Quality (ASPIRE), providing a framework for measurable and sustainable indoor air quality



Founders include Awair, Clockworks Analytics, enVerid Systems, SafeTraces and System2 Consulting.

BOSTON, June 14, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Five leading Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) organizations today announced the formation of a new consortium, Alliance for Sustainable and Practical Indoor Air Quality in Real Estate (ASPIRE) to help commercial and institutional buildings ensure sustainable indoor air quality. ASPIRE is committed to promoting a more integrated, performance-based and data-driven approach to indoor air quality for building owners, managers and operators. The consortium’s founding members include Awair, Clockworks Analytics, enVerid Systems, SafeTraces and System2 Consulting.

ASPIRE will provide market education on best practices related to indoor air quality and their relationship to sustainability.

“ASPIRE Founding Members share the vision that buildings should provide a positive experience for residents, promote health and safety, and operate efficiently and sustainably; and we believe that indoor air quality is an integral component of all three of these goals, ”said Aaron Lapsley, Director and Founder of System2 Consulting. “Despite widespread market claims, we know that there is no simple solution that completely solves the indoor air quality problems in every building. Instead, ASPIRE is committed to promoting a performance-based framework that will help construction stakeholders achieve good results. informed decisions and practical solutions to achieve healthy air quality in a way that minimizes or eliminates energy efficiency trade-offs. “

As part of its charter, ASPIRE will provide market-based training on best practices related to indoor air quality and its relationship to sustainability. ASPIRE has five goals:

  1. Monitor and improve indoor air quality (IAQ) and ventilation systems.

  2. Measure and reduce the risk of transmission of pathogens and diseases.

  3. Reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.

  4. Demonstrate success and leadership through certification.

  5. Direct investment in the most valuable opportunities and solutions.

Nexus Labs, the smart building industry community, media and education group that publishes podcasts and newsletters on smart building technologies, will feature ASPIRE in the first issue of its new monthly streaming series on June 16th in 11:00 am ET… Posted by James Dice, Founder of Nexus Labs, webinar “A Data-Driven Approach to Indoor Air Quality” will discuss consortium vision, goals and framework. Register on is free webinar here.

“We look forward to discussing with these five companies and indoor air quality assessment experts to help overcome the hype and come up with ideas on how to ensure a quality indoor environment. measurable and can be applied as the use of energy and water in a building, “- said James Dice, Founder of Nexus Labs. “Organizations are striving for an approach that reduces exposure to pathogens and pollutants of concern such as CO2, VOC, PM2.5, and where indoor air quality data can be monitored, shared and used in a context consistent with ESG objectives. ”

“Every day, our team at AirRated sees firsthand the benefits of using data to make design and operating decisions for a building to ensure good indoor air quality,” said Francesca Brady, CEO of AirRated. “Our AirScore certification serves as a quantitative benchmark against best practice guidelines for indoor air quality. In many cases, it also serves as a confirmation of investment in building systems and clean air technologies / products that aim to create the healthy and productive spaces that built environments deserve. … This data point has become a kind of kitemark for both potential and current building users alike when they want to understand indoor air quality in buildings. We are witnessing the industry shift its focus to performance-based certifications and standards with tangible, meaningful and practical results. This is why I am delighted to support the ASPIRE consortium in its goal of promoting and educating the industry for a more comprehensive and information-driven approach to improving and maintaining good indoor air quality. ”

“In the aftermath of the pandemic, the real estate industry realized it needed to move quickly to performance-based air quality standards that were measured throughout the day, every day,” said Raefer Wallis, founder of RESET. “Achieving this will require close collaboration between solution providers that can deliver measurable air quality results without losing sight of global climate targets. This is exactly what ASPIRE was created for and we hope it will have a much needed catalytic effect throughout the industry. “


“Our mission at Awair is to ensure that everyone can breathe safely anywhere in the room,” said Dustin DeVan, CEO of Awair. “Indoor air quality requires real-time management, knowledge and integration to quickly resolve problems. We are delighted to be joining such a collaborative team to democratize air data and keep people safe, especially as indoor air is now more important. like never after a pandemic. “

Clockworks Analytics

“Raising awareness of the critical role of indoor air quality in building and occupant health — coupled with an increase in solutions, indoor air quality standards, and data collection over the past year — has led to a significant education gap,” said Alex Grace, Vice President Business Development Clockworks Analytics. “We are pleased to join the leaders in building quality and indoor air quality through ASPIRE and share our expertise in fault detection and diagnosis to help consumers make more informed indoor air quality decisions in their buildings.”

enVerid Systems

“There has long been a tension between achieving indoor air quality goals and energy efficiency and sustainable development goals,” he said. Christian weeks, CEO of enVerid Systems. “Buildings now need to tackle both problems. As part of ASPIRE, we hope to educate building owners and operators on how to implement performance-based design standards and advanced filtration solutions to ensure healthy and stable building “.


“The global pandemic has highlighted the critical importance of indoor air quality for public health, as well as the inadequacy of our current paradigm for indoor air quality systems, regulations and standards in public buildings,” said Eric Malmstrom, CEO of SafeTraces. “SafeTraces is proud to join forces with the most innovative technology companies in the built environment and use our technology to improve performance and data-driven metrics to fight indoor respiratory infections.”


IN Alliance for Sustainable and Practical Indoor Air Quality in Real Estate (ASPIRE) is consortium Designed to help commercial and institutional building operators and designers achieve healthy building goals through an integrated, sustainable, measurable and actionable indoor air quality strategy. Founding members include Awair, Clockworks Analytics, enVerid Systems, SafeTraces as well as System2 Consulting

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