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Laptops can be rented at the Rockford Public Library.



ROCKFORD, IL (WIFR) – Rockford Public Library cardholders 18 and older can now take and take home a laptop with a Google Chromebook.

They will be available from the Montague Branch Library and from the Mobile Library. According to Rockford Public Library, the Chromebook will go on sale at the Hart Interim Library in the coming weeks.

Most Chromebooks can be rented for up to 90 days to adult students, entrepreneurs, or anyone working on a long-term project. However, a certain number of laptops can be rented for one week.

At checkout, staff will mentor the borrower on how to use the device. They will do a visual inventory to make sure all parts are included, such as the Chromebook, carrying case, charging cord, and some included instructions. Once all this is completed, the borrower will sign the loan agreement, according to the Rockford Public Library.

Borrowers must return the items internally to the same location from where they were borrowed and register them with the employee. The library will visually inventory the kit again to make sure everything is in proper working order, and then make sure it is cleaned up and ready to ship for the next customer in the waiting queue.

“The library wants clients to feel confident using these devices wherever they are, so we are happy to arrange mentoring opportunities,” said Aaron Karlin, assistant director. For more information call, email or visit the Rockford Public Library. Web site

Hart Temporary Library: 815-965-7606

Montagu Library: 815-966-2740

Mobile Library: 815-966-2741

Email: info@rockfordpubliclibrary.org

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