Lai Mohammed denies asking Obi Kuban to lend money to Nigeria


Information and Culture Minister Lai Mohammed has denied a request from Cuban Group Chairman Obi Iyegbu, also known as Obi Kuban, to lend money to Nigeria.

The Ministry of Information and Culture on its verified Facebook page on Sunday posted a “Fake News” stamp in a news report claiming the minister had made the statement.

The news, published by the online publication, said in part: “Obi Kubana has that kind of money, and Nigeria borrows money from China. Cubana has to borrow money for us, Nigeria is crumbling – Lai Mohammed. ”

Obi Kubana has been trending on social media for the past four days, holding a lavish funeral for his mother in Obi, a town in the Idemili South local government area in Anambra state.

Several videos taken from the event show people indiscriminately splashing money when a concert was held after the funeral, which included musicians Davido, D’Bange and Fino, among others.

The “rain of naira” at the event led to the emergence of several memes asking Nigeria to borrow money from Obi Kubana rather than China.

The country’s debt increased by 20.8 trillion. Up to 32.92 trillion. Since the coming to power of President Major General Muhammad Bukhari (retired).

The Senate last Thursday approved Bukhari’s request for current external borrowing in the amount of $ 8.3 billion and € 490 million under the External Borrowing Plan (rolling) for 2018-2020.

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