KyckGlobal Expands Car Loan Payments Cash Acceptance Capabilities for ABCoA Deal Pack Software



ATLANTA, June 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – KyckGlobal Inc., a digital payments company that offers a wide range of payment types and support services from a single point of reconciliation, has announced a new partnership with ABCoA Deal Pack, a leading software company for used car dealerships and subprime lending. financial companies. Through the partnership, KyckGlobal will expand ABCoA’s ability to accept cash payments for auto loans to over 35,000 endpoints worldwide. United States

KyckGlobal provides a cloud-based payment system with a growing set of high-value endpoints for payment recipients to choose from. All types of payments originate from a single point of financing and reconciliation, which ensures a consistent interaction with the recipient, regardless of the type of payment. Cash Acceptance is one of the many support services provided by KyckGlobal, in which a consumer who wishes to pay for a business in cash can opt out of payment across a wide national network with convenient endpoint locations within the country.

Founded in 1983, ABCoA has created a technology ecosystem dedicated to handling all aspects of the used car industry and sub-prime finance. KyckGlobal Cash Acceptance Service enhances ABCoA’s payment processing capabilities, enhancing the convenience for end users. Borrowers can now make cash payments on their car loans at high traffic endpoints including Walmart, Kroger, Fred Meyer, CVS Pharmacy, Ace Cash Express and others.

“Through our partnership with KyckGlobal, our cash collection endpoints have instantly expanded to over 80,000 locations worldwide. United States… “Said the president of ABCoA Jonathan Hedy… “We believe these partnerships with customers in all states complement Deal Pack’s multichannel payment processing services — digital, physical and contactless — ultimately improving collection and customer loyalty.”

“Millions of US consumers simply choose to pay in cash,” he said. Ashish Bahl, founder and CEO of KyckGlobal. “With this exciting new partnership, ABCoA and its customers will be able to connect deeper to this client pool and achieve important market differentiation.”

About KyckGlobal, Inc.

KyckGlobal delivers optimized outbound B: C payments to accelerate your business using a cloud-based platform with a growing set of today’s most popular payment types from a single point of reference. By empowering payers to make one-time and recurring payments from one integrated platform, KyckGlobal is helping transform the way businesses do business across key verticals of specialized consumer finance, marketplaces and staffing, demands and appeasement, and multi-level marketing, among others. … Visit as well as @KyckGlobal

About ABCoA, Inc.

America’s cutting-edge business computers, Inc. (ABCoA) develops and supports end-to-end software solutions for the sub-standard automotive and finance industries. Since 1983, Advanced Business Computers of America has helped auto dealers and finance companies eliminate duplication, stay compliant, and succeed with reliable, versatile software and white glove service and support. Deal Pack® is a dealer and finance company management software product owned by the privately held Advanced Business Computers of America (ABCoA). Floridabased on the company. For more information on ABCoA’s package of deals visit or call 800.536.5832.

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