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The large letters in the city center may have disappeared, but that doesn’t mean things are changing.

After 15 years of work under the guidance of a master, the student takes over. Gail Kriner, who spent many years at Cochran Real Estate in Titusville, took over the business, which is now called Kriner Real Estate LLC.

Kriner took over the business earlier this year and now owns a broker. Judy Cochran, the former owner, is not retiring and is an associate broker for Kriner.

For Gail Kriner and Judy Cochran, the transfer of power is perfect for everyone involved. After over ten years of training with Cochran, Kriner decided it was time for a change.

“I was ready to start my own brokerage business,” she said. For Cochran, the leap that Kriner was about to take came at the perfect time.

“I wanted a light weight so I could spend more time with my family,” Cochran said. Since one was ready for more, while the other wanted to take a step back, the transfer of power and ownership seemed right for everyone involved.

Even though a new name is on the doorstep, the duo wants to reassure all potential customers that not much has changed.

“There has always been good quality of service,” said Kriner, “you can expect the same quality, the same ethics and the same commitment.” The two say they are working well together and want to continue to provide quality services to the people of the Oil Region.

Kriner has lived in Titusville for 28 years and raised his family here. Kriner sees this as passing the baton from one chapter of what was Cochran Real Estate to what is now called Kriner Real Estate.

“Judy has always been a great mentor,” she said. “She trained me.”

Kriner still uses the same phone number (814) 827-6868 and the same website., the homeowners of the area found out. Office hours: 9-5 from Monday to Friday.

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