Klopp Asks Ben Woodburn To Wait For Hearts Loan



Ben Woodburn was reportedly asked by Jurgen Klopp to wait until the Hearts loan was obtained. The young man has an agreement with the Scottish side.

It comes from the Scotsman… They claim that Jurgen Klopp personally pulled Ben Woodburn aside after training this week and asked him to wait until he got a loan from Hearts.

Woodburn had already agreed to move to Edinburgh and it was expected that he had already left. The deal will reportedly last until January, after which the three parties will discuss plans for the future.

But Klopp wants Woodburn to wait. True, not much longer, but until the end of the window. This will allow Liverpool to use the player in August.

The Reds face Burnley and Chelsea before the window closes. Woodburn will likely sit on the bench before the game, as he did against Norwich City.

But there is every chance that he will play. Liverpool are supposedly much higher at Woodburn than anyone thought.

Woodburn Will Be Waiting For Loan Hearts

Athletic claims that Pep Lainders insisted that Woodburn stay this season. The 21-year-old appears to be incredibly hardworking, which noticeably increases his training intensity.

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That alone would have been enough to make Liverpool want him to be there. But Woodburn is also undoubtedly a gifted player.

As we have outlined here, he is talented and versatile. This makes him a great option for the team, assuming Woodburn continues to improve over the next few years.

He of course impressed the fans during the preseasontoo, and we believe that Liverpool giving him one last chance with this loan. If all goes well, Woodburn could make a career at Anfield.

So there is a chance that Liverpool will use it in the next two games. Admittedly, it seems more likely against Burnley than against Chelsea, but Klopp seems to want him to be with both of them.

This is an eloquent request, given the way Woodburn’s career seemed to unfold, and it suggests that the story is far from over.

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