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Feverything is close, and so those in the home and design are working overtime to get ready for the second annual event. Kips Bay Decorator Show House Dallas, which runs from 24 September to 24 October. This year, the Keeps Bay group decided to stay in Preston Hollow and chose 5138 Deloache Avenue as their home of honor.

In the latest edition of luxury real estate agent Christy Berryspecial Call Christy Berry decided to “call a friend” to get a first-hand idea of ​​what it takes to design a showroom in Keeps Bay. What are the designers doing in the months, weeks and days before the big show?

Berry sat down with Corbin See and Matt Mazur from Sees the design to get an idea of ​​how they put together a successful room in Dallas at the 2020 Kips Bay Decorator Show House. Here’s Berry with the designers:

Where did you get the inspiration for your room?

The main inspiration for our space came from Bunny Mellon’s large pot barn in Apperville, Virginia. Trompe l’oiel was gorgeous and the space felt casual yet sophisticated. We created a trompe l’oeil treillage game with a hand-drawn pattern that was printed on the wallpaper. It was a disrespectful and quirky nod to the past that made the little bar more intimate.

We knew we needed something special and were blown away by the heavenly Victorian cover on the 1995 Smashing Pumpkins album: Melon collie and endless sadness… The planetary design goes well with the pendants we have already selected from sponsor Arteriors. We enlisted the Newlon Collection to create a planetary design inspired by the album cover and printed on metal paper that we pasted onto the ceiling, which came as a real surprise.

How long do you have to brainstorm, design and set up your room? Are you all cooperating?

From concept to actual design, I think it all came together relatively quickly. We all work very well together and were able to take abstract ideas and help bring them to life. We each have our own specialization, but we all speak the same design language.

We almost immediately agreed with the concept. If I had one piece of advice for future participants, I would not hesitate. Decide and move forward. There is no more time for anything.

How many hours did you spend in your room? How long do you have to install?

I don’t think we have a planned amount of time spent on any project. It is a constant ebb and flow. We had a very tight deadline for Keeps Bay and luckily our inspiration bounced back immediately. We were given one official day to move, and at any time we could move after that.

We worked with our good friend Jimmy Hensley to style and decorate the space with a collection of antique terracotta ceramics and interesting garden objects. He went from good to excellent. It really proved to be a team exercise. It should be. These are very tight deadlines and excise taxes, and you have to remember that we have to keep our existing business up and running and keep our customers happy all the time.

KipsBay_Day1_1211-COMP (Photo by Stephen Carlish)
The bar is designed by Sees Design. (Photo by Stephen Carlish)

Describe 24 hours before the opening of the evening?

Organized chaos! It was a mad dash to the finish line as designers and their professions worked feverishly to bring the finishing touches to their space. There is great concern and excitement in the air, but also a good sense of camaraderie. Many deals are split among themselves, so the last few days are truly a symphony of work. This is evidence of cooperation.

Describe the breakdown process after closing the house?

Just as with the installation, the breakdown between all the designers went in a checkerboard pattern. It was very interesting to watch the spaces go from richly decorated and lively to darker and more desolate again. This clearly illustrated the impact that we have all had on our spaces. Although the bones remain, this is proof that the devil is in the details.


If you’re in the least familiar with Berry, then you know she’s very excited about the Kips Bay Decorators Show in Dallas this year. The fact that they picked a classic Georgian in her own neighborhood of Preston Hollow is just the icing on the cake for this real estate connoisseur. And while Berry herself loves the icy IPA, she can’t help but be very intrigued by those allowed to decorate the hotel’s wine cellar. Oh, the possibilities.

To see the full list of this year’s designers at the Kips Bay Designer Show House in Dallas, click here… Tickets can be purchased here

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