Kim Daniels Drops Jacksonville City Council Campaign with $ 45,000 Personal Loan


Former Representative Kim Danielsrunning for Jacksonville City Council in District 10, in June put $ 45,000 of her own money into her 2023 campaign.

For Daniels, a socially conservative Democrat, exorcist and minister referred to as “Demonbuster,“This step is nothing new.

In previous campaigns for the City Council and the State House, Daniels often deposited large sums of her money. The time is early here, which suggests that she is keen to keep the field out of serious opposition.

Two other candidates applied to race in District 10. None of the NLA candidates. Chandra Ford nor democrat Celestine Mills reported the collected money.

Daniels represented House’s 14th arrondissement from 2016 to 2020, losing last year’s Democratic primary to the Republic. Angie Nixon… The race was not close; Daniels lost almost 20 points. She also served on the Jacksonville City Council for one term, from 2011 to 2015. She lost her re-election bid to a moderate Republican.

Daniels, who is running as a Democrat, is notable in part because, after her defeat at Nixon last summer, she said she was “tired of fighting the Democrats.”

“I told my haters and my enemies in Tallahassee that if you don’t like me, put someone in the race and let them take position, and this is what happened,” she added.

However, there is “life after loss,” Daniels said in August.

“The last time I lost a city council race, I ended up in the House of Representatives. Where is God leading me now? “

Daniels’ campaign in District 10, which stretches across Westside and Jacksonville’s Northwest Quadrant, just got easier because the incumbent Brenda Priestley Jackson in 2023.

Priestley Jackson, in her first month as a candidate, did not report fundraising. Still a former army colonel Chris Miller, who is a Republican, is included on the ballot as an opposition. Libertarian Jerry Rorabo works too.

There are no party primaries in the Jacksonville city elections. All candidates will be included in the March bulletin. If no one wins the majority, the top two players, regardless of party, will advance to the second round of elections in May.

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