Kevin Kisner: Round 1 of the 2021 Rocket Mortgage Classic Competition



Kevin Kisner scored 14 of 18 greens in his first round at the Rocket Mortgage Classic and had a good round of putt without misses within 10 feet. Kisner ended his round with a draw in 5th place with Satoshi Kodaira, JJ Spawn, Tom Lewis and Jason Day; Davis Thompson and Brandon Hagee tied for U7; and Seamus Power and Matthew Wolf share third place from 6 to 6 points.

Driving down the left side of the fairway on the third hole, 393 par-4 yards, Kevin Kisner hit the lead 88 yards in tune for the bird. This moved Kevin Kisner 2 less in the round.

Kisner missed the green on his first shot on a 167-yard par-3 in 14th, but got a chip from 9 yards per bird. This moved Kisner 3 lower in the round.

After 263 yards in 552 yards of the seventh par-5, Kisner made his third 6-foot shot, which he threw at the bird with one shot to the hole. This moved Kisner 4 lower in the round.

At 207 yard ninth par-3, Kisner threw a 186-yard tee shot into the grass, preparing for a 5-foot bird strike. This moved Kisner 5 less per round.


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