Kenya: StanChart in New Mortgage Offerings


Nairobi – Standard Chartered has unveiled a new mortgage offer that will allow clients to access mortgages with a floating rate of 11.9% for new applications submitted and approved during the campaign period.

The offer is open to both existing and new customers.

Those wishing to transfer their mortgage to SCB at the new 11.9 percent rate will have access to exempt appraisal fees and legal fees for applications filed and approved during the campaign period.

Edith Chumba, Certified Head of Standard Chartered, said: “We understand that the pandemic has had a negative economic impact, which, as a result, has affected the financial situation of a significant number of people. With this in mind, we have developed a Mortgage Offer that is both competitive and practical. Home ownership remains a key need for a large segment of Kenya’s population, and we want to make the journey to home ownership easy for our clients. ”

“Clients who already own real estate can also take advantage of this rate to free up capital or capital gains from their property and invest in other investment vehicles such as our unrivaled wealth management solutions. With a market rate that is 1.1% below the market average, we hope that this will encourage our clients to start or continue their home ownership journey, supported by mortgages with competitive interest rates and payment terms, ”she adds.

The head of the lender for customer service and customer support in Kenya and East Africa also stated that “we are seeing an increased demand for mortgages in the market, especially among new high net worth individuals. This new offer will enable our clients to obtain a suitable mortgage. to their income streams and payment preferences. “

Standard Chartered Bank Kenya offers a range of mortgage solutions, including buying, issuing, building and non-residents, that serve a wide variety of clients.

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