John Hancock Investment Management Launches Mortgage-Backed ETFs



John Hancock Investment Management LLC announced the availability of its new John Hancock Mortgage-backed ETF (NYSE: JHMB).

What’s happened: According to the Boston-based company, the new publicly traded fund will invest at least 80% of its net assets in mortgage-backed securities that are either issued, guaranteed by federal institutions, or issued by private securities.

These investments can cover both residential and commercial securities backed by mortgages, as well as mortgage contracts, which will be announced later.

The company added that the securities may have an investment grade rating or lower. ETF will be subordinate LLC “Manulif Investment Management (USA)”, Affiliated Asset Manager John Hancock Investment Management.

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Why did this happen: It is the second actively managed fixed income ETF launched by John Hancock Investment Management this year – in March, the company introduced John Hancock Corporate Bond ETF (NYSE: JHCB).

“According to SIFMA, the market for mortgage-backed and other asset-backed securities is large and in demand, with more than $ 12 trillion in the bond market today, more than the investment grade and high yield corporate bond markets. put together. ,” said Stephen L. Deroyan, Co-Head of Retail Products at John Hancock Investment Management. “We are delighted to bring this new ETF to the market in a growing category for asset allocators and consultants.”

Photo: Sergey Tokmakov / Pixabay.


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