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Joe Schozen is the Founder and President of Inside Real Estate, where he directly oversees the company’s client growth and business management.

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak last year, Skousen launched the Customer Empowerment Program to support the real estate technology company’s client base of more than 250,000 brokers, agents and teams.

Here Schozen discusses what it means to be RISMedia Real Estate Newsmaker– people recognized for their positive contributions to the real estate industry – and how he looks to the future of real estate technology for agents and brokers.

Jordan Grice: How does it feel to be named in the influencers category for our 2021 newsmakers?

Joe Schozen: I am honored to be recognized by RISMedia along with other thought leaders from all over the cosmos.

The key point for me is the windshield, not the rearview mirror. He continues to look ahead and understand the strategic opportunities, risks and trends that will affect the space and ensure that our key partners and clients are well equipped to take advantage of them.

JG: Tell us about Inside Real Estate’s customer empowerment program and the results you have brought to your clients?

JS: When COVID first hit, we could see that it would have a significant impact. We acted quickly and decisively and decided to double and invest in a large amount of resources through a three-pronged initiative that included:

– Financial assistance to our existing and new clients
– Major investment in our Virtual Learning Summit
– Investment of millions of dollars in additional technologies, including virtual display tools

In the end, we were just happy to showcase our partnership to our clients, partners and incredible professionals in the field at a time when everyone needed it the most.

JG: How do you stay ahead of the curve as the industry uses technology as a tool?

JS: Our mission has been to be the best technology partner for real estate brokerages and create solutions specifically designed to deliver results for their teams and agents. For us, this leads to very serious principles, such as having the best team in the industry and combining it with a clear, forward-looking strategy and resources that truly underpin each broker’s strategy and prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow.

JG: What technology trends that you have noticed could be important for the development of the agency or brokerage business.

JS: Over the past few years, brokers have been trying to figure out on which technology platform they can build their unique business. It must be robust enough to deliver results across the board, yet flexible enough to differentiate and enhance their strategies.

Another trend we’re seeing is the battle of tomorrow over whether brokers can truly own a lifetime consumer experience in home ownership. Large companies with huge resources come in and compete directly with brokerages for consumer ownership. We will always focus our strategy on brokerage services, teams and agents that support this industry.

JG: What role do you think technology will play in the way real professionals do business in the coming years?

JS: Historically, brokers and tech companies have tried to “get” agents and consumers to use things, that is, people working in the tech industry.

Today and in the future, we are talking about working with technology for agents and brokerage houses. More information – without taking on the role of an agent, but allowing agents and brokerage firms to easily come up with new, unique and super-local ideas. This will only happen if technology is seen as an integral part of the strategy, and not as a secondary or additional component.

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