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Jim Valentine about real estate

Jim Valentine about real estate

These days we are experiencing interesting times in Northern Nevada. We lost our mountains for several days due to smoke from several fires in the area, and now we are told that COVID-19 has changed its appearance, location, characteristics, or something else that makes us disguise. again, albeit in a modified form due to the extreme camouflage techniques we were advised to use while scientists and politicians were gaining their knowledge and formulating ideas.
Residential property sales still require the COVID-19 app to be part of the transaction documentation, which never went away as uncertainty remained over the status of the virus. Now we are told that we must disguise ourselves again if we are indoors.
The question arises about the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, as well as who needs to wear the mask, when and why, but that is not our business right now, and we do not know the answer yet. The fact is that when you enter someone’s house to look at him, you do not know his status, vulnerability or anything else, and there may be a transformed virus lurking in you, in your clothes or in your lungs. which you can blow into the air and compromise them. It looks like we will be disguised for a while to show houses again.
Fires have caused more consequences than smoke. We just learned today that we may have a delay in closing the home sale because the insurance companies the buyer contacts do not have mandatory policies right now due to the fires. The Tamarak fire was 14 miles south of the facility, but some insurer, probably hidden and disguised somewhere due to COVID-19, will not allow policy to be written. There is and never was a fire threat from a Tamarak fire in this location, but insurance companies tend to be cautious. Work on this situation continues.
A lot of time has been wasted during the recent wave of fires. Due to road closures, many drivers changed their route, some due to significant loss of time. The evacuees who were involved in real estate transactions were forced to extend their timelines to carry out their duties as their lives were put on hold for the evacuation. Of course, their colleagues in the deal also wasted time waiting for things to calm down for the evacuees.
While the firefighters and the giant support efforts supporting them were paid and paid for their time, many of the volunteers who helped rescue pets and livestock, helped evacuation centers, and otherwise took care of the needs of fire victims were not compensated. the hours they spent helping those in need. The totality of these clocks is enormous.
Despite all this turmoil in our lives, there are many volunteers who are working to give the youth of our community at least some sense of normalcy so that they can get their lives back on track. Pop Warner soccer and cheerleading is gaining traction to kick off their fall season after taking a year off due to COVID. Other sports and activities for young people are also gaining momentum and seek to get children out of the house and socialize with each other again. Fortunately, we can do this in Northern Nevada without the negative interference of self-serving politicians or antisocial villains that other communities have to deal with.
We still live in communities in Northern Nevada that understand that a community is only as good as the people who live and serve it. We are here to help each other, and we see how this happens every day. Sometimes we are forced to act, but most of the time it happens in a simple, pleasing manner, that is, waiting for a stop with four paths while everyone signals others to go first. The usual decency and kindness. Everything here is alive and well, and I hope those who migrate here will appreciate this aspect of life here and will converge accordingly.
Lightning strikes, power outages, road closures, etc. are all part of life in this beautiful region. Enjoy them as they are and be happy!
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