Jenny Hanley explains how to do her best for real estate clients


The world of real estate is much deeper than just transactions and real estate. The sale of this property usually involves people who are investing and hoping to find their dream home or investment property. To truly succeed in real estate, you need to be able to do your best for your clients and create a lasting impression of trust and reliability. As such, Jenny Hanley has excelled in real estate as she prioritizes the individual needs and requirements of each client. This has helped her build a solid reputation in the Miami real estate market and beyond.

Jenny Hanley began her career as a contract administrator and office manager, where she was not only the person who provided support and organization for each agent, but also the first point of contact for clients. As her ascent in the real estate world, she remained convinced that each client deserves individual attention. According to Jenny, to do your best for each client, you need to understand their needs and requirements in the real estate market, and also support them by explaining the process they will be involved in. Jenny also stresses that being able to negotiate sales and sign contracts across cities and even countries is essential to supporting clients in the real estate industry.

For Jenny Hanley, what started out as a way to fund her business administration training became a calling as she fell in love with the process of helping people secure investments and turn property into homes. One of her first projects involved the expansive development of the Brickell Heights condominium in Miami, where she sold over $ 73 million as the project’s lead producer.

Jenny Hanley believes that the real estate industry involves more than just buying and selling property and investing; it revolves around clients who invest much more than just money.

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