Jeff Roth, 63, completes round one



Most people probably didn’t notice Jeff Roth’s name on Thursday at the Rocket Mortgage Classic. Quite frankly, with his play alone, Roth did nothing that was remarkable in the first round of the PGA Tour at the Detroit Golf Club.

But Roth himself is remarkable. At 63, Roth is by far the oldest player this week. He made it into the tournament, winning the 2019 Michigan PGA Professional Championship. His spot on the field was delayed by the pandemic, so Roth finally got his chance this week.

Roth, who lives in New Mexico, is somewhat of a legend in Michigan. He won several tournaments there and had several opportunities to play in the PGA Tour and PGA Tour Champions.

His round started off pretty well. He actually parried the first seven holes of his round, despite a 261 yard long run on those holes. His ability to hit and scramble was demonstrated Thursday.

Roth did stumble a bit on hole eighth par-4. He struck the second blow from a long and right shot and could not get up and down because of the green. Bugai left it at level 1 above par. This is where he will hit his first nine.

On the other hand, Roth had much more.

After paring on the 10th hole, he ran into big problems on the 11th hole. On the third bet, he teeted into a bunker by the green. The mouth could not get up and down, and he received the second ghost of the day.

Roth doubled the gods on the 12th par-4 hole, slipping to a 4-over in his round. But he won back immediately on the 13th par-4 hole. There he drove through the fairway and then delivered a second blow from a distance of about eight feet. He hit his first bird of the day.

After a delay due to weather conditions, Roth returned to the field and finished his round of 5s, par 77. But that was not the case – in fact, it was that Roth was on the field.


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