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Jared Lofton

Jared Lofton

In his youth, Jared Lofton dreamed of playing professional basketball.

And while it may have turned out differently in the end, he believes his life as a realtor is perfect as he guides clients through the process of buying and selling a home.

“I thought I was going to the NBA, but I got my MBA instead,” he said. “I didn’t agree to one letter, but I live by my purpose and passion in real estate. I found it, and I try to live it every single day for the rest of my life. “

Lofton, who owns Lofton Realty at 1415 N. Loop West in the heart of the Heights, earned a BA in Finance and Business Administration before moving to Houston to pursue an MA. He worked at Keller Williams Realty for three years, becoming a real estate broker before starting Lofton Realty in 2008. Lofton said his passion hasn’t faded since he bought his first home, as well as several investment properties, when he was 20 in Louisiana, and that his financial position could be mutually beneficial for both buyers and sellers.

“When I was in college, I realized that I was spending a lot of time attending open houses and found myself passionate about real estate. So I decided to get a degree in finance and get into real estate, ”he said. “I can help my clients make the right financial decision, not an emotional decision — I can analyze financial data better than the average realtor. My clients can take advantage of my MBA without paying extra for it themselves. “

Working with a variety of buyers and sellers, Lofton specializes primarily in residential real estate, but has also sold over $ 30 million in commercial real estate. Although his office is in Heights, he also focuses on many inner loop areas such as Garden Oaks, Oak Forest, and Lindale near Heights.

Customers can always reach Lofton who can be reached by mobile phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. After all, he said it was all about putting the client and their needs first during this stressful process. He does this because he is your neighbor, not your realtor. While Lofton does believe that he brings honesty, deep community and market knowledge, marketing savvy, and effective negotiation skills to guide people through the buying or selling process, that is not what ultimately defines him.

People first

He is himself a homeowner and member of the community who cares for those around him. Whether it’s picking up trash in local parks, volunteering at a nearby Herrera Elementary School, running an annual fundraiser and toys for Lofton Realty, or donating school supplies, Lofton said he enjoys giving back to the community in which he lives and works. Lofton also directs 10-20 percent of his commissions back to local areas through various fundraising and local event sponsorships, and was previously part of Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring programs.

Whether it’s a real estate agent or a neighbor, he said that he always took every opportunity to provide for his community in any way possible, if the opportunity arises.

“I am investing in the community,” he said. “This is definitely what I did at the center of our mission statement.”

And when they do decide to come to him to buy or sell a house, Lofton offers a wide range of knowledge and information to help his clients complete a deal that is often one of the most important decisions of their lives. He previously worked with Merrill Lynch as a financial planner, which he says gives him a unique opportunity to analyze investments and provide the best possible service to his clients. He is also a member of the Houston Association of Realtors and was previously named by the National Association of Realtors as one of the Top 30 Realtors Under 30.

Whether it’s your first home, your dream home search, or anything in between, Lofton combines the professional expertise you need to make the process happen with a personal touch and a genuine desire to do what’s best for those around you. He said that from real estate to everything else, this is something that he will never change in himself.

“I won’t sell anything to anyone unless I buy it myself. I don’t sell anything – I have patience. This is most likely the largest purchase they are going to make. I value one dollar as if it were $ 100,000, ”he said. “It’s about making sure it’s a smart financial decision and also trying to find a rough diamond for them. I try to focus on what is the best long-term investment for them. “

According to him, all he wants is a chance to earn your trust. Current mortgage interest rates are at an all-time low, with 15-year mortgages at 2.57 percent and 30-year mortgages at 3.48 percent.

“I am your neighbor, I am your friend and I am in society,” he said.

To buy or sell residential or commercial properties with Lofton, community members can call him day or night at 281-773-7904 or email him Jared@LoftonRealty.com… To find out more about what he can do for them, they can also walk into the office in person or visit the Lofton Realty website at LoftonRealty.com/


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