Janus Henderson Adds Active Real Estate ETF



Janus Henderson Group has added another actively managed ETF to its portfolio with its Janus Henderson US Real Estate ETF (JRE)which debuted on the NYSE Arca on Wednesday.

Portfolio manager Greg Cool told ETF.com that the fund will be overweight in subsectors it believes will grow before the pandemic, such as REITs for e-commerce nodes, data centers and cell towers, and housing providers for aging child. boomer populations and developers targeting millennials looking for single-family homes.

He will also start by underestimating sectors that he believes have a long-term disadvantage, such as regional shopping malls and other general retail assets. Janus has shunned interest in these assets despite their recent success due to the widespread resurgence of the personal economy thanks to widespread vaccine distribution.

“I think in our opinion, in the last 18 months of the anomaly, it hasn’t really changed that much from a long-term perspective, what has been happening in the real estate industry,” Kuhl said. “All that really happened is that they accelerated some of the trends that were already taking place.”

Approximately 80% of the fund’s assets are for use in the United States, with the remainder for use in Canada.

The fund will start with an expense ratio of 0.65%, which will drop to 0.6% if the fund reaches $ 250 million in assets and drops to a minimum of 0.5% if the fund reaches $ 1 billion in assets.

At this starting price, the JRE is 30 basis points more expensive than Invesco Active US Real Estate ETF (PSR)but 3 basis points cheaper than ALPS Active REIT ETF (REIT)

Janus Henderson managed approximately $ 4.19 billion in assets of six funds as of Tuesday, of which the lion’s share – $ 2.91 billion – Janus Henderson Short Term Earning ETF (VNLA)

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