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Posted by Carol Tannenhauser on Jul 12, 2021 10:28 AM.

Edie Erwin’s photograph of the recent ominous storm.

Jul 12, 2021 Weather: Afternoon rain expected with flash flood warning. Height 83 degrees.

Our the calendar It has many local events, including free outdoor pilates!

It was more than 220,000 planned subway trips in June. “10 600 canceled due to lack of train crews, according to internal MTA records obtained CITY… “New York City Transit has not given up such a number of flights per month due to a shortage of train operators or conductors since the early days of the pandemic, in March 2020, when more than 12,000 flights were canceled due to a sharp increase in employee morbidity and an increase in the number of passengers. fell. At the top of the heap (June) were “A” and “# 1”. “

Speaking of the early days of the pandemic, Wall Street Magazine reports that root for key workers every evening at 7 persists even now on UWS. “By the summer, the stormy choir from five districts had died down to several isolated soloists… However, the nighttime noise is still amplifying in several apartment buildings clustered in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and cheers are still heard at the appointed hour … At best, they say it has something to do with conveying a message of hope … “

Residents of 51 West 86th Street expressed anger at wpix11 this week about scaffolding It was on their building over the past 15 years… Local politicians joined in, including Manhattan District President Gail Brewer, and the Department of Construction, which announced it. “We are currently investigating the case to determine if enhanced enforcement strategies, in addition to additional fines, may be required to compel owners to make the necessary facade repairs that will allow them to safely remove the sidewalk canopy without endangering the public.”

The dangers inherent cycling in the city doesn’t seem to deter New Yorkers who buy bicycles and bring their old ones for repair and maintenance in record numbersonly to find inventory and a long wait, amNY reported. “At Toga Bikes on the Upper West Side, manager Hobie Estrella said the demand for bicycles and repairs has been huge lately. “A lot of people are pulling their bicycles out of wooden structures,” Estrella said. “A month ago, we could not take orders for repairs, there was a two-week wait – with four mechanics.”

Ekaterina and Michael sell their placethen New york post reported. This is Zeta Jones and Douglas, and this place “is in Kenilworth, built in 1908 by Townsend, Steinl and Haskell to look like a 12th century English castle that bears the same name … high ceilings, wood-burning fireplaces, mahogany pocket doors and large rooms with stunning views of Central Park. ” The price is $ 21.5 million.

Isn’t it time for another three-day weekend?


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