Iran-backed militias in Syria buy property – report



Pro-Iranian and Iranian-backed militias recruiting locals, buying up land and houses, and even pushing for “demographic change” in areas of Syria near the Euphrates and along the corridor from Deir ez-Zor to Albukamal and other areas, according to the report. bases and facilities associated with Iran and its militias, from Imam Ali’s base near Albuqamal to areas along the river and further inland to the T-4 base, where Iran’s assets are located.

“Entire Syrian cities have been devastated,” Gulf-based Al Ain media said in a report on how this will affect the Syrian countryside. According to this report, real estate purchases are taking place not only in Deir ez-Zor, but also in the direction of the city of Raqqa, which was once controlled by ISIS. Deir ez-Zor was under siege by ISIS during the Syrian civil war. Since 2019, Iran has sought to play a more significant role in this corridor. The strategic corridor connects the Syrian regime with Iraq, as well as Hezbollah with pro-Iranian militias in Iraq. Missiles and weapons go through this area. Militias associated with the IRGC, including some from faraway Afghanistan and Pakistan, have arrived in the area.
According to the article, the militias have stepped up recruitment. The article appears to be based on a report by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The report says that “Iranian militias, on orders from Tehran, recruited young people from Al-Mayadin, Albuqamal and other areas of Deir ez-Zor to implement their plan.”

Since the beginning of July, at least 78 properties have been purchased. The source “pointed to the locations where the Iranian plan is being implemented, in towns and villages in and around the Raqqa countryside; they paid prices without any negotiation. ”

This “unprecedented” expansion in Deir ez-Zor province has caught the attention of local residents. According to this version, some local residents were forced to flee due to the transfer of property. “Observers fear that people of non-Syrian nationality will make purchases.” This can lead to demographic changes. Locals say this has already happened in Al-Mayadin and elsewhere. “Traders from the city of Al-Mayadin, who are directly associated with and under the command of the pro-Iranian militia Al-Abbas Brigade, continued to buy properties from residents throughout the eastern region of Guta.”

Recently, purchases have been concentrated in areas of the southern sector of Eastern Ghouta, in particular in Zabadin, Deir al-Asafir, Hatita al-Turkman and al-Maliha, the report said. It notes that real estate investors are targeting real estate owned by people who fled the fighting in Syria over the past 10 years. The hint is that the property will pass to foreigners or Shiites associated with Iran, and therefore to the militia networks. The militias have ties to Iran as well as pro-Iranian militias in Iraq. There are also members of Fatemiyoun, a Shiite militia recruited from Afghanistan.


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