INVL Baltic Real Estate announces the renewal of its authorized



On July 26, 2021, after registration of the new version of the Charter of INVL Baltic Real Estate (hereinafter – “company») In the Register of Legal Entities and after the completion of the procedure for reducing the authorized capital of the Company (during which 5,088,586 ordinary registered shares acquired by the Company in the course of the redemption of shares were canceled), the Company announces the structure of the authorized capital as of July 26, 2021:

Type of shares Number of shares and total number of voting rights granted by outstanding shares, pcs. Nominal value, EUR Total nominal
Cost and share capital, EUR
Share of authorized capital,%
Ordinary registered shares 8 061 414 1.45 11 689 050.30 100

Person authorized to provide additional information:
Real estate fund manager of the management company
Vytautas Bakshinskas


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