Interview: “Payday loans? No, we are a pleasant alternative to the credit card giants, ”says Sebastian Siemiatkowski from Klarna | Business



SEbastian Semyatkovsky has a soft side, and he wants you to know about it. The billionaire co-founder of Klarna, a hugely successful online business called Buy Now, Pay Later, tells the story of a recent visit to a gas station where he stopped to buy his five-year-old son a treat as a reward for his stellar performance on the football field. Semyatkovsky, 39, walked through the store chatting with his son before walking to the checkout, where he received an unexpected compliment.

“This guy said:“ You are a wonderful father, ”Semyatkovsky recalls. “He said that all the other dads come, look at their phones and do not communicate with their children. I was so proud and happy – but also sad because it is so important


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