Interfirst Mortgage Launches ONE, Backed by Non-Owner Real Estate


Interfirst Mortgage launched ONE, a new non-owner-backed mortgage program designed to meet the significant needs of professional non-owner investors who own multiple properties.

ONE is a unique product that is based on a flat interest rate without any adjustments and takes into account the cash flow from the leased property. It is a privately secured loan program that is independent of the government.

Previously, mortgage brokers had to navigate the rate tables to determine the price of a loan, which took a lot of time and experience. In most cases, these price lists are outsourced to the pricing engine due to hundreds of potential adjustments that change as the loan parameters change. With ONE, brokers spend less time decoding bets and more time helping their clients.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac continue to reduce their presence in non-owner employment, mainly because the amendment limits the acquisition of investment property to 7%. In this unique ONE program, the client controls and owns all product recommendations, sets high quality parameters and invests in loans.

ONE is only the first loan program launched under the Interfirst Independence Series. In 2021, the company plans to launch additional credit programs.

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