Ingham County Homeowners Can Get Mortgage Help



We have not gotten out of the forest with COVID19 cases yet. I started feeling good about the pandemic about a month ago and now I’m starting to get a little worried again. New COVID19 cases have soared to about 27,000 per day in the past week or so. Many people who feared being vaccinated are now receiving their own vaccine. That’s a good thing too, because experts warn that areas with a large number of unvaccinated people could lead to a new rise in the incidence.

Help on the way

Well, if you or someone you know is still struggling with the pandemic, especially mortgages. says Help for Ingham County homeowners is already coming with a new program to help people save their homes.

This program is called the Ingham County Mortgage and Community Emergency Assistance Program. How much are you asking? About $ 1 million has been allocated to help homeowners who have been seriously affected financially by the pandemic.

There are homeowners in Ingham County who may have lost their jobs, reduced their hours of work, or may have contracted COVID themselves or someone else in their family. These difficulties make monthly payments harder and harder to pay, says Rowley Van Vossen, executive director of Capital Area Housing Partnership.

How to get help with mortgage payments

So, if you are eligible, the grant program can help you pay your mortgage and utility bills for up to 12 months. This is great news for some people in Ingham County. They are starting this program this week. To apply for this assistance program, you can go to the Metropolitan Housing Association office on Maple and Pine Streets in Lansing to collect your application. Let’s do our best to keep us all safe and hopefully normal life will return to normal soon.

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