Influencers: Residential Real Estate Brokers – James Heckenberg



James Heckenberg
Rodeo Realty, Inc.

Jimmy Heckenberg, with 2020 sales of $ 182,041,683, is one of the youngest well-known real estate agents in the Beverly Hills and Westside areas. Its finest production team, The Heckenberg Realty Group, sets itself apart from others for its unwavering reliability in everything they do. With his sharp and quick thinking, he has earned a reputation as one of the leaders in the residential real estate industry. Whether you are a new home buyer, an existing home buyer or an investor, Heckenberg will make your real estate transaction as profitable as possible. It maintains the highest level of service by providing accurate and up-to-date real estate market information, expert analysis, good negotiation skills and reliable real estate advice. In order to constantly innovate and optimize the buying and selling process, Heckenberg is constantly researching new ideas and technologies.

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