Influencers: Residential Brokers – Scott Moore



Scott Moore
Douglas Elliman

Scott Moore is a unique, standout agent in the crowded Los Angeles market. As a trusted advisor with three professional licenses – real estate broker, lawyer and general contractor – his unparalleled views and recommendations span every aspect of the industry. Moore’s construction eye helps him spot potential problems, find hidden gems, and predict the true potential of a property in real time. His legal experience and licenses since 2000 empower his clients and help keep them safe in complex transactions. He is a market connoisseur and experienced negotiator, ideal for high-stakes real estate transactions. Overall, his in-depth knowledge and excellent customer service has propelled him to growth in the industry, with sales of over $ 75 million in the past 12 months, and he regularly represents buyers and sellers of over $ 5 million in ultra-luxury homes.

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