Influencers: Residential Brokers – Sally Forster Jones



Sally Forster Jones

Sally Forster Jones is one of the leading real estate brokers in Southern California. She has completed over 5,500 career sales deals totaling $ 8 billion. As the founder and CEO of the Sally Forster Jones Group, she leads a successful real estate team that continues to set the bar for real estate in Los Angeles. Under her leadership, the team entered the first class of Inman Golden I Club as the best luxury team in the country. Jones’ famous sales, including the $ 70 million estate to her client Marcus Persson, creator of Minecraft, and Spelling Manor, which set the record for the most expensive residential property for sale at the time, attracted international media attention. She has been praised for her experience and expertise in the luxury real estate industry, has spoken at local and international forums, and is often referred to as an expert by the media.

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