Influencers: Residential Brokers – Mark Noah & Kyle Dordic



Mark Noah and Kyle Dordic
Mark Noah’s team
Hilton and Highland

Los Angeles native, renowned among clients and colleagues for their professionalism, integrity and dedication to providing the highest level of customer service, Mark Noah and Kyle Dordic are among the most respected groups of Los Angeles realtors. For more than two decades, Noah’s involvement in the buying and selling of unique properties in Los Angeles allows him to perfectly demonstrate his negotiating skills and elite level of care on behalf of his clients, while Dordik’s ability to effectively and efficiently find the needle in the business. a haystack and the best result – these are two invincible tandems. Over the past 12 months, Noah and Dordic have not been new to high-profile sales, such as representing the 580 N. Beverly Glen, which sold for $ 16.5 million, and the Alpine Estate for $ 15.6 million.

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