Influencers: Residential Brokers – Ed Kaminski



Ed Kaminski
ItzSold, Inc.

Ed Kaminsky has been licensed and engaged in real estate in the South Bay and Los Angeles area since 1987. Kaminski is the President and Owner of ItzSold, Inc., a real estate marketing group based in Manhattan Beach. He sold $ 289 million in 2020. His largest deal was $ 28 million. Kaminsky also donated money to support local businesses during the pandemic. He is the President / CEO of SportStar Relocation, assisting professional athletes across the country with their relocation and real estate needs. He also owns and operates Premiere Estates Auction, which represents luxury property owners, developers, trusts and financial institutions in the United States, offering professional auction services and sales. Finally, Kaminski is President of Conserve Development, Inc., a design and development firm that redecorates and revives residential properties in South Bay and surrounding Los Angeles.

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