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Constantine Valissarakos
Nourmand & Associates

Hollywood’s most hidden real estate secret is Constantin Valissarakos, the city’s most secretive agent, with sales exceeding $ 96 million in the past 12 months, and its clients include famous directors, celebrities, agents, designers and industrial producers. Valissarakos is among the top 1% agents in the country and has sold over $ 1 billion in career property sales. Its ads have consistently sold an average of 7.4% more in dollars per square foot than its competitors, and it has consistently set the bar for big sales in the market it serves. With a 30-year career in real estate, Valissarakos has built a dream-worthy client base that includes who’s who in Hollywood such as Gary Oldman and Chris Nolan. Valissarakos is the premier luxury real estate agent in Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Beachwood Canyon and Bronson Canyon.

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