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Ida Petkus – REALTOR® with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty and founder of a nonprofit domestic violence advocacy center that uses Zoom to connect victims of domestic violence with legal advisors and resources.

Petkus is recognized for her advocacy work to ensure the right of everyone to live safely in their homes, including counseling and educating victims of domestic violence about open shelters and how to safely leave a rapist.

Here Petkus discusses what it means to be RISMedia Real Estate Newsmaker– people recognized for their positive contributions to the real estate industry – and the way she juggles the job of a real estate professional to advocate for victims of domestic violence.

Jordan Grice: As a newsmaker for 2021, you were named a crusader, which recognizes the candidate as a fighter for a better path. What does this mean to you?

Ida Petkus: By definition, champions fight for the best path and continue to tell the story with passion and perseverance. Hopefully, being called the champion of the best path will inspire others to become “champions” of what they think is the best way.

JG: In addition to your work as a REALTOR, you are also the founder of the Domestic Violence Advocacy Center. Could you tell us a little about your work?

IP: We are a victim support system that helps them get through this, and we have been doing this since 2009. We usually get victims and survivors who have not been successful with other defenders, because every situation is different.

We help them navigate the judicial system. It can be overwhelming when you walk in, and we have lawyers to help them navigate the process and provide guidance. Everything is confidential.

JG: How did you manage to combine running such a prolific advocacy group with the busy life of a real estate professional?

IP: They both occupy different places in my life and do not mix. I have extra space to take care of myself, just like the rest of us!

Most importantly, stay in touch with family, friends, and whoever you can work with and talk about anything without strings attached. I am also fortunate enough to work with two other REALTORS® who share the same passion.

JG: Could you tell us a little about some of the trends you are seeing in the Florida market right now?

IP: I have seen a growing number of buyers and sellers in the marketplace who have virtual home offices and who decide to move to other states, such as Florida, without changing employers or remaining self-employed as a business owner. Resettlement is no longer solely about employment. They are also attracted to more desirable places to live.

JG: What advice would you give to real estate professionals looking to balance their careers with their passionate projects and initiatives?

IP: For some real estate professionals, their volunteer work has a lot to do with the public interest in food and more directly at home. My volunteer work is meant for not-so-pleasant things, and because of this, I have separate places for work and projects. You have clients or customers who do not want to be listed with you because they see your volunteer work, and this is understandable.

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