ICE Mortgage Technology Millennial Tracker Finds Home Ownership-Ready Millennials Rise As FICO Requirements Ease



PLISENTON, California – () –Mortgage technologies ICE™, part of Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (NYSE: ICE), the world’s leading provider of data, technology and market infrastructure, today shared this, according to ICE Mortgage Technology ™ Millennium Trackerthe share of purchasing activity in the total volume of closed loans among millennials has increased for the third month in a row.

In May, 67% of loans closed by millennials on ICE Mortgage Technology’s origin platform Encompass® were for purchases, up from 61% in April 2021 and 51% in March 2021. Shopping accounted for 82% of loans closed by young millennials (born between 1991 and 1999), up from 78% in April. For older millennials (millennials born between 1980 and 1990), purchases accounted for 60% of all closed loans, up from 53% in April.

Average FICO scores for millennial borrowers have declined for the fourth straight month. In May, the average FICO scores for this generation of borrowers fell to 732, down from 734 in April and 739 in March.

“We are seeing a strong and competitive purchasing market across the country, especially among millennials,” said Joe Tyrrell, President of ICE Mortgage Technology. “With the easing of FICO score requirements, millennials are taking advantage of the current environment to continue to pursue home ownership.”

May also marked the second consecutive month that the share of purchases by the elderly exceeded the share of refinancing. In May, 60% of loans closed by older millennials were for purchases and 38% for refinancing. Older millennials haven’t closed more purchases than they refinanced since August 2020, when this cohort accounted for 52% of closed loans.

The average age of millennial borrowers is still around 32. In May, the average age of borrowers was unchanged from the April average of 32.4 years.

The average number of days to close a loan for all millennial borrowers dropped to 46 from 48 in April. The number of days to close the refinancing loan decreased from the previous month from 52 in April to 50 in May, while the number of days to close the purchase loan remained unchanged at 44 days.

ICE Mortgage Technology Millennial Tracker – Older Millennials and Young Millennials

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Young Millennials

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ICE Mortgage Technology Millennium Tracker is an interactive online tool that provides up-to-date demographic data about this new generation of home buyers. It collects data from a reliable sample of roughly 80% of all closed mortgage loans since 2014 that were initiated with ICE Mortgage Technology’s Encompass.® comprehensive solution for mortgage management. Given the size of this sample, it is a reliable representative of Millennial mortgage rates across the country. The search can be tailored to the borrower’s geographic location, age, gender, marital status, FICO score, and amortization type. For more information visit

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