IBM Global Director of Real Estate is involved



New Delhi [India]July 2 (ANI / Mediawire). In line with a major leap forward in the industry, IBM’s director of global real estate in Asia Pacific, Krishnaswami Nagarajan, has joined Table Space Technologies, a leader in integrated workplace solutions.

Krishna’s appointment as Chief Operating Officer is part of Table Space Technologies’ Business of Experience (BX) strategy to focus on the customer.

Krishna, a member of the IBM Global Real Estate leadership team, told The Economic Times that the move to Table Space Technologies was facilitated by BX’s “customer-centric” approach.

“Commercial real estate spaces are changing dramatically, and corporate clients are moving from secure jobs to fully flexible ones. Clients are now looking for solutions that are fully integrated with experience. Real estate integration requires the implementation of technologies that provide experience-based solutions. Tablespace technologies are best suited to implement this model, ”says Krishna.

“TableSpace is one of the few organizations fully focused on a purely enterprise model. It doesn’t dilute the corporate client experience. Rather, it does not detract from the experience, especially when it comes to securing your own data with a technology platform. Improve. Compliance and employee well-being are very important to corporate clients, ”he added.

“Our business and opportunities have grown dramatically over the past few years and we see even more growth potential in one of the most exciting real estate sectors in the world. Krishna is one of the leading figures in the Asian real estate sector. Pacific and I look forward to working closely with Krishna and other teams to steer tablespaces into the future, ”said Amit Banerjee, CEO and co-founder of Table Space Technologies. ..

“Krishna helps us drive the growth of our business and ensures that we continue to deliver exceptional results for our clients,” he added.

Over the course of more than 30 years of his career, Krishna has played leadership roles and delivered projects with teams in global regions such as the UN, IBM and EY. Krishna is a growth leader and has made very large-scale organizational transformations over the past few decades.

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IBM’s Global Director of Real Estate is involved

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