I would prefer to channel my PMI payments against the principal on my mortgage. How can I get my lender to release me from PMI?


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Dear reliable money coach,

I’ve owned my home for a year now, and my PMI payouts are pretty high. Is there a way to get the bank to withdraw PMI without refinancing? I really want to spend this money on the principal. – Randy, NJ

Hi Randy! Thanks for your question and praise for what you want to add to your mortgage principal. This is a great way to pay off faster.

You can definitely get private mortgage insurance removed from the mortgage – provided that you meet the requirements for this.

This can help you understand why lenders are asking for PMI… Private mortgage insurance protects your lender in the event of a default on your loan – PMI will pay off your loan if you don’t. Considering the fact that if you fail to repay the loan, the lender can foreclose and take over your home, as well as get paid through PMI, requiring you to have a PMI, entirely in favor of the lender.

Typically, lenders will require a PMI if you specify less than 20% down on your home when you bought it. Regardless of your credit rating, income, or how much money you have in the bank, many lenders view a lower down payment as a sign that you may be less likely to pay off your mortgage than someone who deposited a higher down payment. contribution.

Federal law requires mortgage lenders to allow you to exclude PMI from your loan when your mortgage balance falls below 80% of your home’s original value.

PMI cancellation can occur automatically on a specific date specified on the PMI disclosure form that you should have received from your lender at closing. Or, you can request an early PMI termination if you paid the balance up to 80% or less before the specified date.

And while home values ​​have skyrocketed lately, an increase in the value of your home does not qualify you to demand an end to PMI. Your mortgage balance must be 80% or less of the price you paid for the house, or the price it was priced at when you bought it, not what it might be pricing now.

To request a PMI cancellation, you need to ask your lender in writing. You must be aware of your mortgage with a history of timely payments. You may need to prove to your lender that your home does not have other security interests, such as a second mortgage. And you may need to demonstrate that the value of your home hasn’t diminished since you bought it.

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